Early warning lightning system for outdoor events like golf, polo, athletics, etc.

This system will warn players well in advance if there is any immediate threat of lightning within 20 kilometers radius and also give the all clear signal when the danger has passed. This system is computer driven and a laptop is included, with the necessary software. 


Lightning can strike well in advance of the actual thunderstorm or cloud base as far as 15 to 25 kilometers ahead. This system will detect the voltage in the air and “field strength” to determine any dangerous situation.

As a thunderstorm approaches a specific area, the static electricity gradually builds up and the clouds form little downward leaders. From the earth’s side there is also a charge and that is called the upwards streamers. These streamers are not always formed which makes any highest point the connecting point for the lightning strike. Once the upward streamer and the downward leader makes contact, ionizations takes place and the charge goes to earth. This takes place in a Milli second and millions of volts go to the ground.


The alarm system is a high energy, low voltage siren that is capable of between 115 to 175 db and can be heard over distances of 500 to 1 800 meters. The siren is cordless and can be installed up to 1 000 meters from the base.


The lightning plotter is designed to plot every lightning strike up to 300 km and can also be connected to a GPS that gives the co-ordinates as to where the storm is at any given time. Strikes per minute, close strike, far strike and severe storm, is some of the features of this system.

This is a complete integrated lightning detection and early warning system that is used in various sporting and industrial sectors to warn people of approaching storms or dangerous weather patens.

This system is used in the Nedbank Million Dollar Challenge to protect the players, TV crew, and the spectators from dangerous weather.

The complete system will give you the following data and signals.

1) Early warning on inclined weather.
2) Field strength(voltage per meter)
3) Far lightning strikes up to 300km.
4) Near strikes warning to be set (15km)

5) Lightning strikes per minute severe storm.
6) Time, date and co-ordintes of strikes.
7) Loop interval of 48 hours.
8) Wind direction, wind speed, humidity, rain meter.


A very important fact is that any proper lightning or early warning system must have the following instruments to be accurate at all.